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and should load well into any browser.
Others are in XML and may not work
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  • A Collection of Fairy Tales
    From many countries. -- Free -- The old familiar tales and some you haven't read. This is the most thorough collection on the Internet!!
  • Wild West novels Many of the old paper backs. -- Free -- Stories by Bower, White, Brand and Grey.
  • Dickens novels This will be almost complete when we are finished. -- Free -- Stories by Charles Dickens.
  • The Human Soul    Secrets of the Soul
    . . . by Adib Taherzadeh. A Baha'i Perspective

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  • Daniel Defoe He is referred to as the father of the modern novel. -- Free -- Stories from Daniel Defoe.
  • Mark Twain novels with intelligence and humour.
    He even appeared on Star Trek!
  • John Buchan He wrote perhaps the best suspence novel -- Thirty-Nine Steps. -- and many others.
  • Leo Tolstoy
    Resurrection and other major novels. Try 'War and Peace' -- perhaps the best novel of all times.
  • Jules Verne Here are many of his novels like
    "From the Earth to the Moon" and "Mysterious Island".
  • Icelandic Sagas like Njal's Saga
    These are major works from the twelvth century.
  • Religious Materials Including The Book of Mormon
     and a commentary on the Mormons. This section will grow to include many religious writings.

My Own and Others' Creations
  • Marie and Seth   by Arthur Wendover
    They met on the way to the gate. A love story in heaven.
  • Fires Burning A novelette about a alien woman arriving on Earth and finding the one man who would love and support her.
  • Lunar Heart
    by Arthur Wendover -- Free -- About how a Moon civilization could be done..
  • My Spirit Falls To Earth In A Dream   by Brian Higham
    This is a new novel by a budding author with some new ideas about story telling. For now it is free to download, and in copyright, but would you be willing to pay a buck for it?
  • Children of the Sunrise
    by Christopher K. Travis -- Free -- An excellent SF. from the biggest little town in Texas.
  • Armann's Weekly Journal by Arthur Wendover -- In his Web Journal a homeless man descibes his journey from the streets of Toronto to a society at Lunar North and on to the Ring of Venus.

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